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Havanese Puppies

 I  have a few  younger Havanese puppies that I am just taking deposits on to hold them until they are old enough to go to their new families.



The Havanese breed is the national dog of Cuba. They were developed from the now extinct Blanquito de la Habana ("little white dog of Havana"). The Blanquito descended from the also now extinct Bichon Tenerife. It is believed that the Blanquito was eventually cross-bred with other Bichon types, including the Poodle, to create what is now know as the Havanese.

Havanese are very smart. They can be easily trained, starting at a younger age is best but an older dog is still trainable. Havanese can be hard to house break, like many small breeds. But, Havanese are very smart and can be house trained faster than most toy dogs. Havanese are a loyal and lively little dog. They enjoy exercise but playing in the house or yard is sufficent. Havanese manage well with people of all ages and can thrive in any size home.

The Havanese is small in size, most are 7 to 16 pounds. They are sturdy in structure and not overly delicate. The Havanese has a tail carried over its back and their ears drop and fold. Their coat comes in all colors, such as white, cream, fawn, red, chocolate brown, beige, gold, silver, blue, and black. The coat may be one solid color or have markings in one or more other colors, such as sable, brindle, black & tan, tri color, Irish pied, parti colored, belton or piebalc, black and white beige black and white.

The Havanese have a flashy, lively gait. Their strong rear drive and slightly shorter upper arm produce a springy motion rather than a far-reaching one.

Their muzzle is full and tapers slightly at the nose. Most have dark brown eyes and almond shaped lids surrounded by black pigment.

The Havanese coat is slightly wavy and the outer coat is neither coarse nor overly dense, but rather soft and light. Because of the tropical nature of the Havanese, their coat is designed to act as a sunshade and cooling agent on hot days. Havanese become cold very easily so keeping their coat long in the winter time is essential. Their coat grows very fast and without brushing it, the fur can become tangled easily. Havanese are hypoallergenic and their hair doesn't fall off (shed) but it still needs to be groomed.

Havanese are generally healthy and sturdy with relatively few serious health issues. They typically live 14 to 16 years. Havanese suffer primarily from luzating patella, liver disease, heart disease, cataracts and retinal dysplasia. Havanese sometimes tear and may develop brown tear stains, especially noticable on white or light coats.



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